Ideation involves taking insights from consultation and research, then working together through structured design exercises to develop potential solutions. The ideation process can be highly interactive and can include in-person and virtual workshops, the creation of live prototypes as well as involving customers in the co-creation of new ideas. This phase also includes the validation of ideas with real customers to ensure to best chance for delivering successful products, services and experiences. Ideation is an engaging experience for you and your team to take a deep dive and truly empathize with your customers and stakeholders.
New Products & Services
Creative Workshops
Concepting & Prototyping
Customer Journey Mapping
White-Space Innovation
Idea Validation
"Kyle is the epitome of dedication to his craft, entrepreneurship and innovation. I have worked with Kyle on a number of projects over the last 3 years, and he has continued to hone his craft in the time I have known him."
Matt | CEO | NextGen Aire